Here we go again...

Welcome back adorable readers. Charles Herbster announced he’s funding a PAC to attack Nebraska’s legislators. Marketed at white people and horses, the Nebraska First PAC wants to return the state to “commonsense values.” Obviously, Herbster forgot a Republican has been Governor since 1999.

Nothing could go wrong pledging allegiance to Charles W. Herbster, right?

Herbster will require candidates for Legislature to sign pledges to do his bidding if they’re elected. Of course, he ran on the campaign slogan, “Make Nebraska Nazi Germany Again.”

If candidates don’t sign Herbster’s pledges, he plans to publicly campaign against them. Nothing says democracy like requiring candidates to sign an oath, then attack them if they don’t comply.

After Herbster, the Trump-endorsed candidate, lost the Republican primary for the 2022 Nebraska governor’s race, CancelHerbster tucked away the blog posts with the research about everyone’s least favorite Bull Jizz Billionaire. A private citizen deserves privacy after all. Just like Donald Trump, a losing loser is still a loser.

Apparently, Charles W. Herbster didn’t take the hint that Nebraska voters rejected him, so he’s making a cum back. And so is CancelHerbster.

Herbster, owner of Conklin Company, is a now public figure because he’s personally funding a political PAC. Consequently, this site is active again. We’ll have some new posts along the way. Stay tuned.

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